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About us

We are a newly founded social media agency based in Bochum
We manage social media marketing for music, entertainment, brands, athletes and celebrities
We develop innovative ideas and use social media to target any demographic with a young and talented team
We are working on new ideas to enhance promotional capabilities
We create content to reach our audience with clear and concise language
We manage communication and communicate on the same level as our clients
We focus our efforts in music, entertainment, live, sport and corporate branding



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All with quality and measurable aims. All clear, but...

What are you exactly doing? What happens next? And why is this and that happening already?
Communication is everything and everything involves communication. Let us deal with your communication needs.

Our process is easy, we listen to your concerns and aspirations and after that we get to work to help you achieve them.

Story Telling
Story Telling
High quality content creation<br> and editorial support
High quality content creation
and editorial support
Data and Insight Reporting
Data and Insight Reporting
Community & reach construction<br> and activation
Community & reach construction
and activation


We love exciting customers, topics, products, projects and people who got something to tell.
Niche is the new mainstream.

Samu Haber
Guano Apes
Zelt Festival Ruhr
Hi-Sky München
Contra Promotion
Contra Word
Contra Next
ISS Dome
Merkur Spiel-Arena
Mitsubishi Electric Halle
Tim Kamrad
Ingo Lenßen
Tom Beck
Lions Head
Sunrise Avenue
Double Crush Syndrome
Beast in Black
Salvador Sobral
Samuel Hope
To The Rats And Wolves
Jana Crämer
Arising Empire
Micky Beisenherz
Concert Team NRW
Bochum Veranstaltungen


Annika Rudolph
Annika Rudolph
Annika Rudolph
Head of Social Media GmbH

Annika Rudolph

Hellweg 24
44787 Bochum